Best Drone for GoPro

Best drone for gopro

Check out our top options of drones for GoPro. [Credit: CanvaPro]

Editor’s note: The following article is not intended to be a ranking, but is only to serve as a list of possible options. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

The popularity of both drones and GoPros has been steadily increasing for years, and making them compatible for use with one another has proven to be a lucrative marriage. From beginner drones used to make fun videos to professional-grade setups for commercial use, drones and GoPros make a great team!   

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Quicklook: Best Drone for GoPro 

Best Drone for GoPro Options

For this list, we selected two budget drones, two mid-level drones, and two high-end models that are best suited for use with a GoPro.

Altair Aerial Blackhawk

Best For: GoPro Enthusiasts on a Budget

This budget model is designed specifically for operation with GoPro cameras, and is very easy to fly. It is the only option on this list under $100, and is one of the few available on the market under $100. Inexpensive but not cheap, the Blackhawk is durable and a great option to learn how to fly and make content on. 

GoPro Models Supported: All Hero models

Flight Time: 15 minutes

Range: 1,200 feet

Charging Time: 4 hours

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Special Features

  • Specifically designed for GoPro Hero
  • Adjustable to fit “most” action cameras


  • Under $100
  • Responsive controls
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Parts may be cheap 
  • Long charging time

Holy Stone HS700

Best For: a High-End Drone at Mid-Level Prices

The HS700 has a built-in camera which allows pilots to test the skies before attaching their favorite GoPro. It is very easy to use, making it a good choice for beginners, but also has the capabilities of some much more expensive models making it suitable for intermediate pilots as well. 

GoPro Models Supported: Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 4

Flight Time: 22 minutes

Range: 3,300 feet 

Charging Time: ~ 6 hours

Weight: 3.9 pounds

Special Features

  • Includes camera, but built to mount GoPro as well
  • Multiple flight features like “follow me”
  • Single-touch launch


  • Long flight time
  • Silent motor 
  • Touted for its smooth hovering


  • No in-flight camera adjustments
  • No wireless data transfer

DROCON Blue Bugs 3

Best For: Beginners Looking For Versatility

The DROCON Blue Bugs 3 is widely revered as a huge value purchase by the online community. It’s durable, allowing for beginners to make some mistakes, compatible with virtually all cameras, including all GoPro Hero models, and capable of many flight functions offered by the high-end models. 

GoPro Models Supported: All GoPro Hero models

Flight Time: 20 minutes

Range: 1,000 feet

Weight: 1 pound

Charging Time: 6 hours

Special Features

  • Built to support current and future GoPros
  • Easy stunts/flips


  • Long flight time 
  • Affordable
  • Great for beginners


  • No recurring negative reviews online


Best For: Pilots in Search of Mid-Budget Drones

The AEE AP9 is still relatively affordable, but offers many things that one may not expect to have without paying several hundred dollars more. It’s durable, very sturdy in the air, and has multiple flight modes to help pilots maximize their photo and video quality. It also is in a tie for the longest flight time on this list… and priced at $1,000 less than its counterpart. 

GoPro Models Supported: Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero 4 Session

Flight Time: 25 minutes

Range: 1,600 feet 

Charging Time: 2 hours

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Special Features

  • LED lights for night flight


  • Long flight
  • Great stability 
  • High charging time/flight time ratio 


  • Limited information about repairs 

3DR Solo

Best For: Commercial Drone Pilots Learning to Fly

This model also requires a mount for your GoPro, but like the DJI model below, boasts a fast charging time and a long flight time. Unlike the DJI model, it’s considered very easy to fly and suitable for beginners, but it requires a smartphone app, which can be a nuisance for some. 

GoPro Models Supported: Hero 3 and Hero 4 models

Flight Time: 20 minutes

Range: 2,500 feet

Charging Time: 1.5 hours

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Special Features

  • HDMI output for projection on almost any screen


  • Video game-style flight 
  • Easy camera adjustment
  • Long flight time


  • Video game-style flight
  • Reportedly spotty GPS 

DJI Phantom 2

Best For: Best for aspiring professional drone videographers with no budget concerns. 

The first on this list that requires an extra mount to add your GoPro, the DJI Phantom is professional grade and customizable for your video needs. However, the drone is expensive and the extra parts can add up, too. It boasts a very fast charging time, and a long flight time, meaning you can get a lot of shooting done in a short amount of time. If you’re planning on becoming a commercial drone pilot, this is a very viable choice. 

GoPro Models Supported: 

  • All models are supported
  • Must equip with correct mount

Flight Time: 25 minutes

Range: 3,300 feet 

Charging Time: 1 hour

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Special Features

  • Stabilizer allows for smooth footage at high speeds 
  • Great customer service


  • Long flight time
  • Fast charge
  • Fast flight
  • Durable


  • Not great for beginners
  • Expensive

What Is a Drone for GoPro?

Drones are technically any unmanned aircraft, but in everyday conversation, most people are talking about personal-use, remote-control drones. These personal-use aircraft are flown for recreation but are also often equipped with cameras. The drones on this list are able to be outfitted with a GoPro camera to maximize aerial photography and videography capabilities. 

What Are the Advantages of Using GoPro Drones?

Photo technology, not unlike drone technology, increases rapidly from year to year. Choosing a drone that can be outfitted with a GoPro (opposed to having a built-in camera) allows pilots to upgrade their camera equipment without upgrading their drone. It also allows the same camera (the GoPro) to be used away from the drone, saving creators time and making photos and videos easier to organize. 

What to Consider With a Drone for GoPro

Most drones outfitted to work with GoPros will offer a similar set of capabilities, but the quality of those capabilities will differ with price. Here is a look at a few things to consider when purchasing a drone for GoPro use.


Drone designs vary greatly, but most used for photography and videography use horizontal propellers so they can hover and move very slowly when desired. Some drones have built-in cameras, but most of those can also be equipped with a GoPro via an extra mounting system. This allows users to upgrade their camera equipment without having to upgrade their drone.


Some models offer universal compatibility for cameras, but others only fit a select group. If you already have a GoPro, you need to be sure it can be attached to whichever drone you buy. 

Additionally, some drones have wireless connections for data sharing while others must transfer data with either a cable or by removing media storage and uploading it to a computer/device. Be sure your computer/device has the means to upload your photos and videos, relative to the drone’s data sharing type.

Flight Time and Range

Depending on your plans for photography and videography, longer flight times may be desirable. The range is how far a drone can be from the remote control, and if you plan on using your drone around difficult terrain or over water, this can also be a key factor. 


The weight of a drone can limit its abilities when equipped with a camera, so be sure to look up information on how your desired drone performs with additional payloads before purchasing it for use with a GoPro. 

Control Modes

Depending on your plans for drone piloting with your GoPro, you may want to consider control mode capabilities of the drone. Some offer things like “return to home” modes or “follow me” modes that act as sort of an autopilot, allowing you to focus more on the photography than the flight. 

Time to Take to the Skies for Aerial Photography

For both fun and the growing possibility for commercial use, drones for GoPro, or drones with GoPro mounts give you a lot of professionalism for not a lot of cash. Both the photography process and the piloting process take some time to master, but once they are mastered, you can produce quality videos! 

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What is a GoPro drone?

It is an unmanned, remote-controlled aircraft equipped with a GoPro camera that is designed to take high-quality photos and videos.

Can you use a GoPro camera on any drone?

No. Some drones are too light for the payload, and others simply don’t accommodate additional cameras. Several drones already have built-in cameras.

What are drone cameras used for?

Most often, drone camera use is for content creation purposes, like filming videos or taking aerial photographs. They are also often used for inspections in difficult-to-reach areas and for cartography-related reasons.

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