Global Flight Training Solutions Partners with Dineen Aviation to Provide Dual FAA/EASA Certification

The program offers the chance to earn certificates from the FAA and EASA at the same time.

Headquartered at Immokalee Airport (KIMM), GFTS offers dual certification for pilots under both FAA and EASA requirements. Credit: Global Flight Training Solutions

Global Flight Training Solutions (GFTS) and Dineen Aviation Services have entered a partnership to launch a full-time commercial pilot program. 

The program offers the opportunity to earn certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) at the same time, saving students money and time. 

The average cost of the dual certification program will be about $76,000. GFTS accepts Veterans Affairs benefits from eligible students. The program is estimated to run 18 months and students must be 18 years of age or older to enroll. 

A big component of the program is multi crew coordination (MCC), which will prepare a graduate to work effectively with a flight crew. 

GFTS will work with students who have previously achieved pilot certificates and provide them with one complete flight school report, to allow them to take advantage of the benefits. The report will detail their performance throughout the entire program and make applying for and landing airline interviews seamless. 

The school describes the program as “built by airline pilots, for airline pilots,” and says it will provide students a platform to complete their training swiftly and cost effectively.

Based in Texas, Ashley is the former Marketing Manager at FLYING and focuses deeply on training and education. She graduated from the Baylor Institute for Air Science with a Bachelor's in Aviation Science and holds an MBA specializing in Marketing. She is an also instrument rated private pilot and licensed FAA dispatcher.

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