Garmin’s All-in-One ADS-B Transponder Approved for Helicopters

An STC for installation of the GTX 345 ADS-B In/Out transponder was granted for more than 60 types of helicopter. Garmin

The FAA this week granted a supplemental type certificate (STC) for installation of Garmin’s GTX 345 ADS-B In/Out and the GTX 335 ADS-B Out transponders on more than 60 models of helicopter. The approval is expected to provide a simplified path to ADS-B certification for aircraft on the Part 27 approved model list (AML).

Both Garmin units feature an Extended Squitter ADS-B Out capability with options for built-in WAAS. Because the new units replace many of the most popular transponders, Garmin says either can be installed without panel modifications in most situations.

The GTX 345 adds utility to existing avionics configurations with ADS-B traffic and subscription-free weather on select cockpit displays. It employs both Bluetooth and Garmin Connext technology to wirelessly stream traffic and weather information to some Garmin portable units as well as Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight Mobile apps.

The 345 can pair with compatible displays to add subscription-free Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather and ADS-B In traffic, including a dual-link ADS-B receiver to deliver a comprehensive traffic picture. Integrating with the helicopter’s audio panel, the GTX 345 offers ATC-like audible traffic alerts, such as “Traffic: 10 o’clock, same altitude, 2 miles,” to help pilots keep their eyes outside the cockpit.

Garmin’s Terminal Safety Solutions TerminalTraffic also delivers pilots a comprehensive picture of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles in the local airport environment. Aircraft in flight are easily distinguished from ground vehicles and taxiing aircraft by the use of distinct colors and symbols. Nuisance alerts are also minimized while hovering in the airport environment. When paired with the GTN 650/750, the GTX 345 will also support an on-scene mode designed to minimize nuisance traffic alerts in flight, when intentionally operating in close proximity to other helicopters.

The GTX 345 transponder provides ADS-B In/Out capabilities and is available starting at $4,995; the GTX 335 ADS-B Out transponder is available starting at $2,995. WAAS-enabled versions of the GTX 345/335 are available for an additional $800.

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