Garmin Pilot App Now Integrated with Jeppesen Charts

Jeppesen’s charts can now be viewed alongside a moving map in Garmin’s Pilot app. Jeppesen

Two big names in aviation navigation products announced yesterday the integration of Jeppesen terminal charts with Garmin’s industry-leading Pilot app.

Pilots can now view Jeppesen charts in the Pilot Charts page and in split-screen mode with a moving map, making Garmin’s iOS app an even more comprehensive cockpit tool. The charts can also be overlaid on the moving map.

“Garmin and Jeppesen are dedicated to ensuring pilots can more easily access pertinent chart data across all of the Garmin products in the cockpit, now including the Garmin Pilot app on iOS mobile devices,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “This partnership benefits our joint customer base as pilots flying behind Garmin avionics with Jeppesen charts are offered an even more seamless experience when transitioning between the app and installed displays in the cockpit.”

Jeppesen says it also will continue to support its Mobile FliteDeck app.

The charts are available to pilots with subscriptions to Garmin Pilot IFR Premium and Jeppesen data. Otherwise, customers can purchase the required Jeppesen chart subscription for the Pilot app at


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