Garmin Introduces Tandem Cockpit

Cockpit device can be modified to fit a variety of training missions.

A variety of Garmin avionics systems can be incorporated into the tandem cockpit device.Garmin

Garmin will display a new training system at the Farnborough Air Show set to take place July 16 through 20. Being a tandem trainer, the system appears best suited for military and defense applications, but Garmin says it can be tailored to fleet operators in the air transport and business aviation market as well. “We’re excited to offer this premium cockpit experience at Farnborough, which demonstrates just how versatile our systems can be while providing state-of-the-art capability and reliability in a value-added avionics package,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation marketing and sales.

The system can be tailored to accommodate specific operations and a variety of aircraft types including multi-role and supersonic aircraft. While not a full flight simulator, the system includes controls for hands-on flying. It can be designed and configured for a specified aircraft cockpit. Night vision goggles and head-up displays can be incorporated.

The scalable system includes a large, high definition display, which can show terrain, ADS-B and TCAS traffic, weather and more. The system on display at Farnborough is equipped with Garmin’s G3000 display and two Garmin touchscreen controllers. However, it can support other Garmin avionics systems as well. An interface between the integrated flight deck and the L3 ForceX Window mission computer is also provided.

Because there are so many options with this system, Garmin is not yet releasing a price point.