Garmin Introduces DG/HSI Version of G5 Display

Garmin GPS navigators to transform vacuum-system-based cockpits into modern glass flight decks.

Airplane owners can now install Garmin’s G5 electronic flight instrument as a replacement directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI) in type-certified models, expanding an approval received last year to add the formerly experimental-only display to the panel as an artificial horizon EFIS.

When paired with certain Garmin navcom radios and GPS navigators, the G5 can be used as a primary display for magnetic heading, VOR/LOC guidance and GPS course guidance, as well as distance and ground speed. Installing two G5 displays can eliminate the need for a backup vacuum system for attitude and heading information.

Installation approval is accomplished via an approved model list STC covering more than 600 aircraft models.

“Furthering our commitment to bring affordable, safety-enhancing and certified solutions to general aviation, the G5 electronic flight instrument that was initially developed for experimental aircraft may now be used to replace a DG or HSI in certificated aircraft and represents another industry-first by Garmin,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

He said thousands of G5 units have been sold since its introduction into the certified aircraft market last year, “which shows that aircraft owners are eager to incorporate these safety-minded products into the cockpit. Thanks to the FAA’s initiative to encourage and permit cost-effective safety enhancements to the general aviation fleet, our valued customers can continue to further benefit from the redundancy and dependability associated with modern electronic flight instrumentation.”

Comprised of a 3.5-inch sunlight readable LCD, the G5 electronic flight instrument is approved for installation in place of the aircraft’s existing DG/HSI via a Garmin-held STC. Using a new lower-cost magnetometer, the G5 displays magnetic heading. A dedicated rotary knob allows pilots to select and adjust course and make heading bug selections. The unit is approved for IFR and VFR operations.

When paired with the GTN 650/750, GNS 430W/530W or non-WAAS GNS 430/530 navigators, the G5 is approved as a primary source to display vertical and lateral GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation, as well as ground speed and distance to the next waypoint. In a G5 configuration that is paired with the GNC 255 or SL 30 nav/com radio, the G5 is approved as a primary source to display lateral and vertical course deviation. The single magnetometer, meanwhile, is capable of supplying magnetic heading information to two G5 electronic flight instruments simultaneously.

Retail price of the display is $2,975. A combination of dual G5 electronic flight instruments for certified retails for $4,598. Deliveries are expected to begin in May.


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