GAMA, Daher International Internship Aims to Build Aerospace Workforce

The joint program continues an ongoing effort by both the OEM and the association to develop aviation career-minded young people.

The internship gives two young people the ability to spend a month in France at Daher’s primary manufacturing facility in Tarbes. [Courtesy: Daher]

A joint internship between GAMA and Daher continues an ongoing international effort by both the OEM and the association to develop aviation career-minded young people.

Since 2007, Daher has sponsored interns at its facility in Tarbes, France, with the concept of exposing those involved to areas of specialty across the enterprise—as well as to the advantages of working for an international company in its global footprint. The experience typically culminates in a trip with the company to EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in the summer.

“This opportunity is a one-of-a-kind experience for the next generation of aviation industry decision-makers, who will work side-by-side with our team in France to gain expertise in their selected fields,” said Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher’s Aircraft Division.

Qualifying for the eight-week internship takes place via an application process that includes submission of a resume and cover letter, plus a 40-second video presentation made by the applicant attesting to both their motivation and the expectations they have in joining the program. 

Applications are due by March 20 at the GAMA-Daher Internship Experience site or via email:

“Internship applicants should be 18 to 24 years of age, with U.S. or Canadian citizenship, and enrolled as a full-time student pursuing an associate, undergraduate or graduate degree,” noted the release outlining the internship. “They will need to demonstrate an interest in an aeronautical career for engineering, flying, maintenance, manufacturing or marketing—among other areas.”

At EAA AirVenture 2022, the two interns from last year’s program talked about their experience and looked forward to the prospect of employment with Daher. [Credit: Julie Boatman]

Anthony Garza, from San Antonio, Texas, was one of the pair of interns in 2022, and said the following about his experience during Daher’s media briefing last year at AirVenture. “I was very fortunate to be picked by Daher for this prestigious program. I think it’s a great opportunity to spend a month in France, at the Tarbes factory, to see the day-to-day of the TBMs work—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

At the same briefing, Lauren Meyer, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, added, “I cannot say enough kind words about this program. It was an amazing opportunity, and I met so many amazing people through it, and of course got to meet all of you here at Oshkosh, which is another great part of this program.”

“The very good news for these young, very talented people,” said Chabbert at the briefing, “is that now we have the opportunity for them to get employed in the U.S., and you can pick your place, in beautiful Idaho, or they can go to Florida, on aerostructures, they can work on the aircraft…or they can be employed in France if they wish.”

GAMA counts the international program as an important part of its workforce development initiatives in 2023.

“We are excited to partner with Daher, which builds two separate type certified turboprop aircraft in the U.S. and France, to offer this exciting opportunity for North American students to learn about the general aviation industry in France,” said Pete Bunce, GAMA’s president and CEO. “These internships provide students with an invaluable international experience that will further their knowledge of the incredible professional global opportunities in our robust industry.”

Based in Maryland, Julie is an editor, aviation educator, and author. She holds an airline transport pilot certificate with Douglas DC-3 and CE510 (Citation Mustang) type ratings. She's a CFI/CFII since 1993, specializing in advanced aircraft and flight instructor development. Follow Julie on Twitter @julieinthesky.

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