Gallery: Thursday at Oshkosh

Check out the sights from Thursday at the world’s biggest aviation party.

FLYING Editor in Chief Julie Boatman started her day Thursday with a ride on Betty’s Biscuit Bomber. [Photo: Julie Boatman]

The 2022 edition of EAA AirVenture continues in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Come along as we share all the sights of Thursday at the world’s biggest aviation party.

A look at the entrance to the vintage aircraft section at sunrise. [Photo: Ian Lumpp]
Diamond’s DA50RG retract single is powered by a 300-hp Continental CD-300 turbocharged powerplant. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
This Epic E1000GX does 333 knots and boasts a 4,000 feet-per-minute climb out. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
Scrappy, the famed STOL aircraft designed and built by Mike Patey, includes twin, wing-mounted electric mountain bikes. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
Don’t mess with this 2005 Van’s RV-8. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
Staying out of the sun at Oshkosh sometimes involves airplane ingenuity.  [Photo: Thom Patterson]
A view from Miss Virginia looking out at Screaming Eagle, Placid Lassie, and Betsy's Biscuit Bomber. [Photo: Ian Lumpp]
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