Gallery: Best of STOL Sodbusters ’22

See highlights from Husky National STOL’s thrilling competition.
It’s not all about the awards, but they do look nice on display. [Photo: Cam Walton]

Pilots gathered to share the thrill of Husky National STOL’s Sodbusters 2022 event from July 22-24 at Wisconsin’s Hartford Municipal Airport (KHXF).

The venue is just down the road from Oshkosh, where the following week, the EAA held its iconic AirVenture airshow.

Take a minute to enjoy FLYING‘s photo highlights from this exciting competition.

Steve Henry in the Wild West Highlander. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Colin Caneva’s Carbon Cub. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Jacob Weber in a J3 Cubbie. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Craig Owen prepares to take flight in an Aviat Husky A1C. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Steve Henry taxis by spectators. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Levi Noguess in a Slepcev Storch. [Photo: Cam Walton]
The Slepcev Storch in flight. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Jeff Pohl’s Cessna 170 grabs some air. [Photo: Cam Walton]
STOL always brings out the spectators. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Luke Spoor shows off his Super Legend. [Photo: Cam Walton]
Colin Cosubinski rolls down the airstrip in a Super Cub. [Photo: Cam Walton]
The Experimental Bush Class takes the field. [Photo: Cam Walton]

Husky National STOL awards on display. [Photo: Cam Walton]


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