GAJSC Completes Draft of Work Focused on Controlled Flight Into Terrain

Team focuses on a consensus approach to developing risk reduction efforts.

The General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) Working Group recently met for the last time at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Working Group finished drafting safety recommendations targeted at reducing the number of CFIT general aviation accidents. The GAJSC analyzes general aviation (GA) safety data to develop intervention strategies to prevent or mitigate problems associated with accident causes, called Safety Enhancements that may include procedures, training, and equipment installations that, when implemented, may reduce the likelihood of accidents in the future.

The Working Group will present its Safety Enhancements to the GAJSC for review and approval at the GAJSC’s meeting in early May, with recommendations slated to be released later this year, along with a report on the Working Group’s efforts.

The GAJSC is a public-private partnership working to improve general aviation safety through the use of a data-driven, consensus-based approach to analyze aviation safety data and develop risk reduction efforts. The GAJSC’s original goal when the group formed was to reduce the GA fatal accident rate per 100,000 flight hours by 10 percent from January 1, 2009, to December 31, 2018, with no more than 1 fatal accident per 100,000 flight hours by 2018. These new recommendations will further enhance the GAJSC’s original mission.


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