ForeFlight Launches Passenger App

A companion app to ForeFlight Mobile allows non-pilots to track the flight.

Aviation app maker ForeFlight has launched a new app to help passengers stay more aware during a flight without having to bother the pilot. ForeFlight Passenger is a free companion app to the company’s well-established aviation app, ForeFlight Mobile, and it allows non-pilots to follow along during the flight to get an idea of where they are and when they will arrive at the planned destination.

ForeFlight Passenger operators can pan and zoom in on any destination around the globe using the app’s worldwide mapping capability. Cities, places, roads, lakes, rivers, parks and more are shown to help the passenger follow along during the flight using landmarks on the ground, or to simply allow for exploration of the world.

ForeFlight Passenger is a free app that is compatible with a variety of portable devices. There is no need for a login or any type of account. The flight data comes directly from the ForeFlight Mobile app. The ForeFlight Mobile operator can simply share the data with nearby devices that have the Passenger app. As long as route sharing is available, any changes to the flightplan will also be reflected in the Passenger app.

To make the flight data easy to read, the Passenger app color codes the flightplan. Past legs are marked in brown, current legs are highlighted in magenta and future legs are blue. An information window at the top of the screen provides time remaining and ETA information and can be expanded to include ground speed, altitude and bearing data.


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