Flying Launches 2020 Buyers Guide

Is aircraft ownership in the cards for you? Now may be the best time to buy. Jon Whittle

With a broad selection of new models approaching certification this fall and lots of used deals bringing new owners into the market, 2020 has shaped up to be a better-than-expected year to become an aircraft owner. Keeping in mind those challenges, Flying has made a new approach to our online Buyers Guide, showing you a selection of aircraft based on how they match what you want out of aircraft ownership.

To do this, we’ve organized the 2020 Buyers Guide online a little bit differently, more by mission than by spec sheet. If you’ve entertained thoughts of aircraft ownership, you probably know the broad category that interests you: single-engine or multiengine ­piston, turboprops, or jets from light to super-­midsize. While not a comprehensive outline of every airplane on the market, we’ve chosen a selection that offers the best blends of utility, speed, style and customer support in each category, and then we help you define your mission. We’ll also post updates for you on insurance, the latest in aircraft mods and gear for owners, and a lot of good reasons to join a type club when you’re starting into the purchase process--so keep checking back here for new content as the year progresses.

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