ForeFlight Enables Wi-Fi Link to X-Plane Sim

Forget the adapters, the wires, the confusion about which third-party product to buy – ForeFlight and the makers of the X-Plane flight simulator have put their considerable brain power together to enable seamless integration of the ForeFlight Mobile app on an iPad and the latest version of X-Plane 10 using nothing more than your home Wi-Fi connection.

The latest release of X-Plane 10 – version 10.10b9 – includes a configuration option right in X-Plane that enables it to transmit position and other data to the ForeFlight Mobile app. To make it work, enable ForeFlight Mobile integration under the Net Connections > Data menu in X-Plane. You can then enable it in ForeFlight Mobile by tapping on X-Plane in More > Devices and turning the switch to On.

Once you complete these steps and fire up the simulator, you’ll see your position on your iPad and can use ForeFlight electronics charts on the ground just as you would in your airplane, with no additional costs or hardware needed.


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