Flying Aviation Expo Canceled for 2017

While the 2017 Flying Aviation Expo is on hold, the event may indeed rise again. Flying Aviation Expo

The organizers of Flying Aviation Expo have decided to put the event on "line up and wait" until further clearance as they explore new opportunities, including the possibility of partnering with AOPA's successful regional events.

Jeff and Vivienne Herold, owners of Scheyden Eyewear, took over the third annual show in Palm Springs, California, last October in an attempt to resurrect “a grand aviation event” reminiscent of West Coast shows from the AOPA Summit days.

“The needed participation and sponsorship investments are not quite where they have to be to sustain the show at this time,” they said in a statement. “The 2016 show that was moved to the Palm Springs International Airport was a beautifully run event that still has tremendous potential for the future of aviation events in the Western region.”

As a result, the 2017 show that had been scheduled for October has been canceled. But Aviation Expo may indeed rise again, the organizers said.

"After many positive and constructive conversations with the highest ranking officers of AOPA, we have decided to explore opportunities with some of their regional events, all the while knowing that Palm Springs is ready and waiting for that wonderful three-day event to potentially return in the future," said Jeff Herold. "We will always have the support of Flying magazine and so many of the other aviation industry speakers and exhibitors, should this event move to the forefront again."

Flying served as the show's title sponsor since its inception in 2014 -- and remains ready to be a part of the event again in the future.

"What Jeff and the whole Aviation Expo team accomplished with the show at the Palm Springs Airport this past fall was incredible," said Flying Editor-in-Chief Stephen Pope. "West Coast pilots deserve a world-class aviation event like this one, and Flying remains committed to supporting the show in every way we can if and when it returns to Palm Springs, or in whatever form it takes in the future."

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