FlyHonda Program Allows Owners to Fly Their Fractional Jets

The unique program based in Europe offers 25 percent ownership stakes in the HondaJet.

One of the unique selling points of Europe’s new FlyHonda fractional ownership company is the opportunity for properly certified owners to climb into the left seat of a new aircraft when they book a trip. FlyHonda is the only fractional ownership company that allows owners to actually fly the aircraft.

Based on the Isle of Man, FlyHonda accepted delivery of its first HondaJet in late 2016 and recently placed an order for four additional new aircraft. One new aircraft arrives late this summer with two more due before the end of this year and the final airframe of the current order early next year.

The company’s business model calls for owners to purchase a 25 percent share of the aircraft with FlyHonda retaining one of the quarter shares to facilitate operations.

FlyHonda, the first company in Europe to manage a HondaJet, says it hopes to become the leading facilitator for the purchase and management of HondaJet aircraft. GAMA figures show Honda Aircraft Company has delivered 38 aircraft worldwide since certification in 2016.

The HondaJet is priced at $4.9 million, meaning a ¼ share is slightly more than $1 million.


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