Flight Chops: What it’s Like to Actually Deploy a Life Raft

If you have an emergency flotation device, it helps to know how to use it.

Part of what makes Flight Chops videos so successful (and entertaining) is that Steve Thorne gets to fly the planes most of us don't have the opportunity to fly, and he gets test gear that we don't necessarily get to use. For his latest episode, Chops and friends tested one piece of equipment that we don't ever want to use, as he took a "refreshing dip" in brisk waters to try out a Winslow LifeRaft.

"Most of us have never deployed a life raft," explains Jason Miller of The Finer Points and Flying, "so we actually took the opportunity to get in the water, pop the life raft, see if we can get in it, see if we can flip it — see how that really works. The idea is you've seen a little bit of it, you've prepared, you're kind of ahead of the game so that you feel confident when you come up here and do this kind of stuff with your family."

Of course, it helps to know that the actual life raft comes with more supplies than just a bag full of bubble wrap.

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