Flight Chops: Flying Inverted without Losing Your Lunch

The scariest part of my aerobatic flight over Oshkosh at AirVenture 2017 was undoubtedly the moment that Team Oracle's Cameron Jaxheimer offered me the controls and guided me through a barrel roll. It was probably more thrilling than terrifying, but it was still a tense moment, because in addition to repeatedly telling myself, "Don't puke all over this nice pilot's plane," I had to add, "And don't lose control because you vomited upside down." I was reminded of this while watching Flight Chops, AKA Steve Steve Thorne, take his first inverted flying lesson.

For this flight, Chops flew to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to hit the sky in a Pitts S2B, courtesy of Harv's Air Pilot Training. "I have to admit that in my first lesson in this airplane, I almost barfed," Chops told his 123,321 followers in his latest episode, adding that this was "some of the most intense training" he has ever done.

Check out the entire Flight Chops adventure above, and remember to visit his website to register for his monthly giveaways, which now include a subscription to Flying.


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