Flight Attendant at LAX Accused of Trying to Smuggle 68 Pounds of Cocaine

The incident may prompt the TSA to change its policies related to crew member screening.

JetBlue Cocaine
JetBlue flight attendant Marsha Reynolds allegedly tried to smuggle 68 pounds of cocaine through LAX security.TSA

Uh oh, airline pilots. You’re probably in for tougher TSA checks after a JetBlue flight attendant allegedly tried to smuggle 68 pounds of cocaine through security at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday as she arrived to board a flight to New York.

31-year-old Marsha Reynolds was nabbed by TSA agents after being pulled aside for random screening in Terminal 4. That’s when she took off running, officials say. When agents searched her luggage they found 68.49 pounds of cocaine inside 11 individually wrapped packages.

Reynolds was handed over to Drug Enforcement Agency agents. She was scheduled to be arraigned in Los Angeles today. If convicted, she faces 10 years to life in prison.

Crew members are not normally subjected to searches at TSA checkpoints, but some are calling for changes. Wednesday’s incident at LAX will no doubt prompt the TSA to review its policies.