FAA Publishes Details of Part 23 Compliance

Alternate MOCs are expected to speed the installation process of new safety equipment. FAA

The final rule overhauling Part 23 Airworthiness Standards for GA aircraft officially took effect last summer. Recently the FAA issued 63 means of compliance (MOCs) for Part 23 intended to ease installation of innovative, safety-enhancing technologies into small airplanes while keeping costs down.

The FAA participated with industry and other stakeholders in developing the standards and accepted 46 of the ASTM consensus standards as MOCs without change. The other 17 MOCs are a combination of the ASTM standards and FAA changes.

The MOCs listed in the Federal Register are an acceptable means, but not the only means, to comply with the Part 23 applicable regulations, amendment 23-64, for normal category airplanes. The public comment period ends July 10.

Accepting MOCs based on consensus standards to Part 23, amendment 23-64, is consistent with the Small Airplane Revitalization Act of 2013 and the FAA’s stated intent in issuing the overhauled airworthiness rules. Guidance for proposing additional means of compliance to Part 23 for FAA acceptance is provided in Advisory Circular 23.2010-1.

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