F-35 Auto GCAS Technology Wins Collier Trophy

Courtesy Lockheed Martin

The National Aeronautic Association announced that the Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto GCAS) Team is the recipient of the 2018 Robert J. Collier Trophy for "successfully completing a rapid design, integration and flight test of critical, lifesaving technology for the worldwide [Lockheed Martin] F-35 fleet."

The Collier Trophy is awarded annually "for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year."

“I am so proud of the entire Auto GCAS Team and their commitment and dedication to saving lives through this revolutionary technology,” said Mark Wilkins, senior aviation safety analyst, Office of Secretary of Defense for Personnel Readiness and Safety. “We are truly honored to be recognized with such a prestigious award and deeply humbled considering the aviation greats who won previously.”

As the name implies, Auto GCAS technology using automation to prevent an F-35 from hitting the ground.

“I want to congratulate the Auto GCAS team on winning the 2018 Collier Trophy,” said Greg Principato, NAA president and CEO. “The Collier Trophy was established more than a century ago to encourage the best minds in this country to continually find ways to advance and improve aviation. The Auto GCAS team, which includes Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Air Force, the F-35 Joint Program Office, NASA and the Defense Safety Oversight Council, is a sterling example of a project that brought together the best minds from many disciplines. The result is a game-changing advance in safety that has already changed military aviation and can one day change the game for everyone.”

The Collier Trophy Selection Committee, comprised of 30 aviation and aerospace professionals, convened on April 4, 2019 to hear presentations from 11 nominees. This year's Collier nominees also included the Bell V-280 Valor, Boeing T-X, Draken International Contracted Close Air Support & Adversary Air Services in Support of Combat Readiness Training, Embraer E190-E2, F-35 Integrated Test Force, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. Integration of Large UAS into Civil and International Airspace, NASA/JPL Mars Cube One (MarCO) Project Team, Perlan Project, Responsive Environmental Assessment Commercially Hosted (REACH) Project and Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two Program.


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