Envoy Air and ATP Offer Pilots a Direct Path to American Airlines

Nearly two-thirds of American’s new hires come from Envoy.

Envoy Air Inc. is expanding its Pilot Cadet Program to help pilots smoothly flow through from the classroom to the cockpit with a freshly signed agreement with ATP Flight School, officially recognizing ATP as an Envoy Cadet partner. Envoy Air is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines.

Following nine months of training, ATP graduates are guaranteed a flight instructor position, to help them log the experience necessary to meet airline pilot hiring minimums. By joining the Envoy Cadet Program, ATP instructors work for Envoy, with access to travel benefits, health insurance, retirement and profit sharing plans. The Envoy Cadet Program offers career mentoring from experienced Envoy Air pilots and a more personalized interview experience upon completion of the private pilot license. After transitioning from ATP instructor to Envoy First Officer, pilots gain a competitive advantage in Envoy’s rapid upgrade time of about two years. The new agreement means pilots will flow-through to American Airlines in just over six years. Nearly 60 percent of American’s new hires since 2013 came from Envoy.

Cadets meeting the flight experience requirements for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate are placed into an FAA-approved ATP Certification Training Program sponsored by Envoy. Upon successful completion of the course, pilots can begin their First Officer New Hire training class at Envoy. New hire pilots with no previous airline experience are projected to upgrade to Envoy Captain with no additional interview required. With crew bases co-located in American’s largest hubs of Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, New York and Miami, Envoy pilots enjoy ease of commuting and worldwide travel.


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