Embry-Riddle Offers Free Online Course for New UAS Users

Multicopter Draganfly

In September, the FAA projected that one million drones would be sold around the holidays. If the estimations are correct, there are a lot of unmanned aerospace systems (UASs) taking to the skies with inexperienced pilots.

But fear not; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide is offering a free online course for new UAS users this month.

Addressing airspace and safety issues, Embry-Riddle's primary goal is to educate UAS users with procedures that foster safe operations.

The "Unmanned Aerospace Systems (UAS) – Key Concepts for New Users" program is a comprehensive two-week course that covers the basics of UAS-flying for recreational, public or commercial operations, including the operating environment and the do's and don'ts of UAS-flying.

Registration is currently open to everyone — not just Embry-Riddle students — and the self-paced course will run from January 11 to 24.


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