EAA AirVenture Will Look a Little Different This Year

While Boeing Plaza at AirVenture will remain a popular gathering spot, expect to see fewer people gathered there at any one time. EAA

At this time, EAA’s AirVenture 2021 is full speed ahead according to a story published by EAA’s Warbirds magazine. However, attendees should expect the show to look a bit different from AirVenture extravaganzas of the past because of the health and safety measures in place to cope with the pandemic. EAA stresses that almost anything could change as the world continues to wrestle with the COVID-19 virus. Jack J. Pelton, EAA’s CEO and chairman. “Some areas may look different at Oshkosh this year, but the feeling will be the same as we gather to celebrate the world of flight.”

While proof of vaccinations will not be required to enter the show, face coverings will be highly encouraged for people unable to remain at least six feet away from others. EAA has added many sanitizing facilities around the grounds. Specifically, EAA said, “There will be fewer exhibitors in each indoor exhibit building, creating more walkways and separation between exhibitors.” Expect to see increased ventilation within most buildings. “Additional venues on the grounds are being re-purposed to accommodate indoor exhibitors that are moved this year.”

“Several annual events where physical distancing is not possible will not be held this year, including the Monday night concert; the Young Eagles, EAA Lifetime Member, and international visitor dinners, the Runway 5K run/walk and large corporate events and receptions.” Expect that many of the high-demand forums will be scheduled more than once during the week to accommodate visitors.

“EAA is incorporating innovative ideas for our presentations and even the air shows to keep you safe in 2021 while keeping the fun factor high,” Pelton said. “We appreciate your understanding that these plans will evolve in the coming months. We expect changes as we gear up for Opening Day, so our goal is to bring you any new information regularly as soon as we confirm it. We also understand that the ultimate decision to join us is always yours, based on your personal situation and comfort level.” EAA invites visitor feedback at feedback@eaa.org.

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