DiamondShare Now Includes New Diamond DA62

Aircraft-sharing program expansion provides more access to the luxury twin.

Pilots who want to fly the new Diamond DA62 twin but lack the $1.08 million to buy it now have a more affordable option.

Aircraft broker LifeStyle Aviation announced this week that it’s adding the DA62 to its fold through its DiamondShare shared-aircraft program, pairing those who buy the plane with a small pool of users who can access it.

DiamondShare was originally created for shared ownership of the DA40, but with this expansion, buyers and members in major metro areas will have the option to use the DA40 NG and DA42-VI, as well as the seven-seat DA62. Membership in the DA40 program starts at $1,000 per month.

The DA62, which earned FAA certification in February, is powered by two 180-hp Austro AE330 engines that run on jet-A fuel, and features more cabin space and better performance than its predecessors.

Prospective buyers can request demo flights in the fuel-efficient DA62 at sites along the East Coast later this month.

Visit LifeStyleAviation.com for more details.


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