Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Cowling Falls Off Midflight

The cowling covering this engine came off midflight, prompting the pilot to make an emergency landing. WTVF

Some passengers with window seats aboard a Delta flight got more view than they bargained for over the weekend, when a loose engine cowling came off midflight, prompting an emergency landing.

Flight 762 from Atlanta to Chicago was over Tennessee on Sunday afternoon when the airliner hit turbulence and the engine light came on, reports Nashville’s WTVF. The pilot then made an emergency landing at Nashville International Airport.

The loose cowling appears to have damaged the 717's fuselage. WTVF

Photos taken of the 717 after landing show the exposed engine and damage to the plane where the cowling might have struck the fuselage.

No passengers were injured in the incident, and Delta says it has reached out to them with a “gesture of apology.” The airline also says it’s investigating what went wrong during the flight, but no other details have emerged so far.


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