Dassault Chooses Honeywell Aspire 350 for Falcon Fleet

The satellite communications system gained Iridium certification in May.

Dassault Aviation has chosen the Honeywell Aspire 350 satellite communications system to upgrade connectivity on its fleet of Falcon models. 

The companies jointly announced the deal at the Paris Air Show last week at Paris-Le Bourget airport in France.

The Aspire 350 is intended for both forward-fit by the aircraft manufacturer and retrofit on the Falcon F900 and F2000 series, as well as the Falcon 7X, 8X, and upcoming Falcon 6X and 10X. The Aspire 350 targets installation on business jets as well as commercial transport category aircraft and helicopters. It is designed to provide seamless connectivity around the globe—and be easy to install.

Honeywell uses the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation to execute this level of connectivity, along with reliability and cost savings. Pilots can also use the Iridium network for safety-related services, while passengers enjoy download speeds up to 704 Kbps on the internet connection. The Aspire 350 gained Iridium certification in May.

“Staying connected is critical to flight safety and efficiency, and we are proud that Dassault has selected the Aspire 350 for its fleet of best-in-class business aircraft,” said Steve Hadden, vice president and general manager, services and connectivity for Honeywell Aerospace. “Honeywell and Dassault’s relationship has now reached its 50th year, and we continue to strengthen this relationship. 

“We are confident that the users of the business aircraft will appreciate the seamless connectivity the Aspire 350 will provide,” Hadden said. “The experience will be like using your broadband at home.”


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