CubCrafters and TacAero Announce Factory Transition Courses

Factory-authorized training for the XCub will soon be available. Jon Bliss

TacAero and CubCrafters have teamed up to offer factory-authorized flight training for all CubCrafters models at TacAero's facility in Hood River, Oregon, which is about a 45 minute flight from the factory in Yakima, Washington. Following EAA AirVenture 2016, the new CC-19 XCub will be added to the lineup.

The introductory price of the five-day CubCrafters Factory Transition Course (FTC) is $6,500 for customers using their own airplanes. The package includes 20 hours of ground and 18 hours of flight instruction. In addition to the course itself, premium lodging and rental vehicles, and fuel for aircraft owners are included in the price. The FTC is also available in TacAero’s CC11-180 or CC18-180 for $10,000, or in the CC19-180 XCub for $12,500.

Factory aircraft order forms will now include the option to receive flight training. Registration is also available at CubCrafters Certified Sales Centers or directly through TacAero's Flight Training Interest Form.


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