Close Call: Photographer Ducks Under Landing Plane

Photographer appears to crouch just below a Cessna 182 on approach at Gustaf III Airport.

Photographer Almost Hit by Plane
This photographer got a little too close for comfort.Caters TV/YouTube

Known for its challenging airstrip, which begins at the base of a hill and ends on a beach, the Gustaf III Airport at St. Bart's is a hot spot for planespotters in the Caribbean. Last week, photographer Sebastien Politano shot 360-degree footage of another photographer who appears to have barely ducked below an oncoming Cessna 182 on approach.

While it looks like the photographer was nearly decapitated, it’s hard to tell exactly how close the plane actually was. The aircraft also appeared to glide dangerously low over traffic, causing a motorcyclist to duck as well. Unscathed, the photographer continued shooting as the aircraft blew past him.

Check out the hair-raising 360-degree video below.