Citation Longitude Nears First Flight After Completing Ground Engine Tests

Ground engine tests were completed this week, bringing the Citation Longitude prototype closer to its first flight. Textron Aviation

The first flight of what will be Cessna’s largest business jet is just weeks away, the manufacturer says.

Cessna this week successfully completed ground engine tests on the Citation Longitude’s Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines.

“The engine run tests are one of the final major milestones as we prepare for first flight,” said Textron president and CEO Scott Ernest. “This step really allows us to prove the maturity of the aircraft and its systems. Following this, we will do a series of functional and structural tests on the airframe in preparation for first flight.”

The clean-sheet super midsize jet has a 3,400 nm range at speeds up to 476 knots. It seats up to 12 passengers in its stand-up cabin, and the cockpit features Garmin G5000 avionics.

Deliveries of the Longitude are expected to begin late next year.


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