Cirrus Introduces Interactive Flight Manuals

Cirrus Introduces Interactive Flight Manuals Cirrus

In a first for a GA aircraft manufacturer, Cirrus has introduced an interactive flight operations manuals that for use on the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers to give pilots personalized mobile access to SR20, SR22 and SR22T flight procedures, standards and techniques.

The new training resources, launched this week, are designed to complement the Cirrus Approach online learning program “by delivering engaging content with the primary goal of furthering our longstanding mission of creating safe, knowledgeable and proficient Cirrus pilots,” the company said.

The iFOM was developed as an electronic, interactive version of the Cirrus Flight Operations Manual, Cirrus says. It incorporates 21 videos, 34 interactive modules, in-text hyperlinks to pertinent charts and data and expanded descriptions for all standard and most emergency procedures.

The iFOM can be downloaded from iTunes.


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