Cessna Introduces Virtual Aircraft Generator for TTx

The online configurator lets potential buyers visualize their own custom airplane.

Simplifying the aircraft building and buying process, Textron Aviation has launched a virtual design program that allows prospective owners of the Cessna TTx to create and order their aircraft online.

The TTx configurator gives buyers a snapshot of the aircraft they’re purchasing with custom selections such as exterior striping schemes, colors, interior design, avionics and more.

The cost of the aircraft and add-ons is automatically calculated through the virtual aircraft generator. At the end of the design process, prospective buyers can submit a purchase agreement online, and within five business days they will receive instructions to deliver their first $90,000 deposit.

The TTx is a low-wing carbon fiber four seater that cruises at 200 knots plus and sits atop Cessna’s lineup of piston airplanes. Average equipped price is about $810,000.


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