Gift the Bose A20 Headset and Receive Free Bose Frames Bluetooth Sunglasses

The A20 headset gives pilots 30 percent greater noise reduction and 30 percent less “clamping force” than conventional aviation headsets. Bose

For a great holiday gift that will ensure your loved one who flies will not have to ask ATC to “say again,” the Bose A20 active noise reduction headset could be the most important box they unwrap from under the tree this holiday season. After the initial elation of being given such a well-engineered headset–backed by more than 30 years of legendary Bose research and development–imagine their face when they open a second box to unveil a pair of Bose Frames, the super cool Bluetooth sunglasses with exclusive Open Ear Audio™ technology that will let them discreetly listen to music or take phone calls without having anything inside or over their ears.

Right now, Bose is offering a smoking hot deal with any Bose A20 or ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset purchase by throwing in a free set of Bose Frames (Alto or Rondo models) – an up to $199.95 value. Plus, Bose is offering 10 percent off each additional A20 or ProFlight Series 2 headset purchased. A20 and ProFlight Series 2 headset orders received between November 22 and January 9 are eligible to receive a free set of Bose Alto or Rondo Frames. For additional information and promotion rules, please visit

The Bose A20 has been a leader in the headset market for many years, due to the long list of desirable features that make it a popular choice of pilots who want to limit external cabin and engine noise to better understand ATC and radio traffic. The A20 headset gives pilots 30 percent greater noise reduction and 30 percent less “clamping force” than conventional aviation headsets, while a weight of just 12 ounces and soft ear cushions provide ultimate comfort. Add technology such as Bluetooth connectivity, 45 hours of battery life from just two AA batteries, auxiliary audio input with intercom/AUX priority switching for dedicated GPS and traffic warning systems, and flexible power circuitry with auto-on that switches to and from battery power and aircraft power, and you can see why this headset will be welcomed as 2020′s top holiday gift for any pilot.

The Bose Frames sunglasses are equally engineered to deliver the renowned Bose sound quality while looking good doing it. The Alto design has a classic angular shape–one of the most iconic sunglass silhouettes–while the Rondo design offers a distinct rounded shape first popularized by artists and musicians who need to just look great in their shades.

With a patented acoustic chamber that delivers sound without penetrating the ear and premium lenses in various popular shades and styles, Bose Alto and Rondo Frames weigh in at a comfortable 45 grams and have a Bluetooth range of 30 feet. After a fast charging time of just up to two hours, they will stream music or make phone calls for up to 3.5 hours. The Bose Connect app gives you easy access to personalize your Bose Frames settings to unlock new product features such as “Press & Turn gesture control” to change the volume of your phone while it stays in your pocket or bag.

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