Bombardier Strikes Deal with Viking for Water Bomber Business

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Citing a need to recoup revenue and focus on business jet and commercial aircraft manufacturing, Montreal-based Bombardier has struck a deal to sell its amphibious water bomber manufacturing rights to Viking Air.

The sale includes the 415 Superscooper as well as its earlier versions, the CL-215 and CL-215T.

Viking, which is based in British Columbia, Canada, and produces the Twin Otter utility vehicle, says the purchase was motivated by potential revenue from parts and product support for amphibious aircraft already in service. The company has not said whether it will continue to produce the firefighting aircraft.

In a statement, Bombardier said “Viking Air, a long-standing Bombardier collaborator, is the perfect successor to continue to build the value and reputation of the program while ensuring the sustainability of the fleet.”

Bombardier hasn’t produced an amphibian aircraft since December 2015. Nearly 170 of its amphibians are in service globally, according to Bombardier.

The manufacturer says 50 employees in its amphibian program will be transferred to other parts of the company.

The buying price has not been disclosed.


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