Bombardier Preps for Global 7000’s First Flight

The first Global 7000 flight aircraft early in production last year. Bombardier

Bombardier is busy making preparations for the first flight of its Global 7000 ultra-long-range business jet, which is expected to be completed by year’s end.

The manufacturer is wrapping up ground taxi tests on a completed test airplane at its factory complex in Toronto, where initial flight tests will be made. The engines and APU have been powered up, and functional and safety of flight tests have also been made. Three more test aircraft are in production.

The first delivery of the $72.8 million Global 7000, which has hit some delays since it was unveiled in 2010, is scheduled for the second half of 2018.

Despite delays, Bombardier says customer interest has remained strong for the Global 7000, which features four distinct cabin zones and seats up to 12 passengers.

The Global 7000 features a full fly-by-wire control system and is powered by GE Passport engines. It has a range of 7,400 nm.


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