Sporty’s Pivot iPad Case Reaches General Aviation

Case designed for the cockpit offers rotating mount and easy transport.

Previously available to Southwest Airlines pilots, Sporty’s Pivot iPad cases — specifically designed for use in the cockpit — have reached general aviation.

With a suction cup mount, the Pivot design enables pilots to secure their iPads to any non-porous surface in cockpit, offering easy installation and quick release. The arm of the mount also provides 360-degree rotation and 30 to 60 degrees articulation.

The case itself is made of impact-absorbing polycarbonate, and its rugged but not-too-bulky design is intended for durability and easy transport. For use beyond the cockpit, the Pivot’s mount can be replaced with the “smart cover,” which can protect the screen or double as an adjustable stand.

Sporty’s three Pivot kits for the iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini are each $129.95 at sportys.com.


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