FreeFlight ADS-B Data Coming to ForeFlight

FreeFlight Systems and ForeFlight are collaborating on a project to add ADS-B traffic and weather information from FreeFlight's certified RNGR line of ADS-B receivers to the ForeFlight Mobile iPad app.

The companies say they are in the midst of extensive ground and flight testing to ensure the integration of FreeFlight's rule-compliant ADS-B systems gives users "an accurate and complete" ADS-B weather and traffic picture.

As part of the collaboration, ForeFlight Mobile becomes the "preferred electronic flight bag application" for use with the RANGR product line.

"Our customers have been asking for this integration, and we were honored by the opportunity to work with ForeFlight to achieve it," said Tim Taylor, President and CEO of FreeFlight Systems. "Through this partnership, we will continue to work toward providing customers with the most elegant and complete ADS-B solution available on the market today, for a fraction of the cost" of competing systems.

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