Ford’s Foldable E-bike Prototype Fits in Small Planes

Above: Courtesy of Ford; Below: Photo by Derek Price

Pilots could have more options for ground transportation in the future if Ford Motor Company has its way.

As part of CEO Mark Fields' plan to transform his firm from a century-old manufacturing giant into a new-age "mobility company," Ford has been researching electric bicycles for its potential future product lineup.

One of its prototypes, called MoDe:Me, is a lightweight, foldable e-bike that would be small enough to fit in the cargo area of many single-engine planes. It weighs around 33 pounds and has a top speed of roughly 15 miles per hour from its 200-watt motor.

While it's not designed specifically for aviation applications, its light weight and portability make it an attractive possibility for pilots of small planes who may not have access to a crew car for short trips into town at a destination airport.

Ford's e-bike project remains in the research phase, and there is no word on when or if a production bike will make it to market.

As for the price?

"If we do produce this, it's going to be accessible," the bike's designer, Bruce Southey, said. "It's not going to be a luxury device."

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