Flight Design C4 Gets Garmin Glass

German manufacturer announces avionics partner for C4.

Flight Design’s new C4 four-seater will come equipped with a Garmin glass panel, Flight Design announced at Oshkosh this week. While complete details of the avionics deal have not been announced, Garmin and Flight Design hinted that features such as angle of attack, dual air data heading reference system and synthetic vision will all be included in the package. Garmin reps also said the airplane will be equipped with an integrated autopilot that can return the C4 to straight and level flight with just one button touch.

First unveiled in 2010, the C4 is an all-carbon composite airplane that builds off of Flight Design’s popular line of CT airplanes. The C4 will come equipped with the Continental IO-360AF engine, as well as a full airplane parachute system. The target price for the airplane is currently set at $250,000.

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