Cobalt Selects CMC’s SmartDeck Cockpit

CMC’s Smartdeck

Cobalt Aircraft Industries has selected the SmartDeck integrated avionics suite from Canada’s Esterline CMC Avionics for its sleek Co50 five-place, all-composite single, the companies announced at AOPA Summit in Palm Springs, California.

The Co50’s standard SmartDeck avionics system will include dual air-data/attitude-heading reference systems (ADAHRS), WAAS GPS and an integrated digital autopilot.

Cobalt says its first prototype Co50 aircraft is now entering the initial phases of its development flight test program in Canada. The airplane would be powered by a 350-hp, fadec-equipped Continental TSIOF-550-D2B piston engine and is projected to deliver a maximum cruise speed of 250 knots at 25,000 feet and a fully loaded maximum range of 1,150 nm.

The SmartDeck integrated flight control and display system for the Co50 will include two 12-inch primary flight and a third 6.5-inch dedicated display for flight planning and radio management. TAWS-B, TCAS/TAS, satellite weather, lightning detection and synthetic vision are also included, providing full situational awareness capability, CMC said.

The first Co50 prototype has undergone high-speed taxi testing and is entering the initial phases of its development flight test program. Cobalt has claimed on a number of occasions since introducing the airplane in 2010 that a prototype was close to flying. The company says it is “confident” that once its launches the certification flight test program with Transport Canada, the Part 23 airplane can enter the market within 18 to 24 months.


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