Levil Technology Unveils Wearable HUD

Levil Technology, a maker of portable GPS and AHRS (attitude heading and reference system) products, has partnered with startup firm Aero Glass of San Diego to introduce eyewear that puts a full-featured flight display right in the pilots forward field of view.

Levil Technology has been selling beta units this week at Oshkosh consisting of a pair of Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses and a Levil AHRS unit with integrated magnetic compass, GPS and ADS-B receiver. When paired, the combination offers an attitude display, GPS speed and altitude readout, ADS-B traffic targets and airways and nav fixes.

As the airplane maneuvers, airports, airspace boundaries, courses and traffic targets come into view, allowing the pilot to remain heads up during most phases of flight.

We tried the Epson glasses at the Levil Technology AirVenture booth and our major complaint is that they are heavy. Amanda Leon, general manager for Levil, said the concept will also be compatible with Google Glass, which would solve that problem. The benefit of the Epson glasses, she pointed out, is that they incorporate two displays, one for each eye.

Levil Technology and Aero Glass planned to offer 200 beta units at Oshkosh but quickly sold out. Full production is expected to begin soon, however. Price for the glasses and required software is $995, while a bundle including the glasses, software and iLevil SW portable AHRS is $1,995.

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