Garmin Introduces Bluetooth Audio Panel

New audio panel connects with tablets, smart phones and VIRB video camera.

Garmin continues to crank out new products for the aviation community. One of its latest offerings is a new Bluetooth-capable audio panel, the GMA 350c. Its Bluetooth link allows the audio panel to connect wirelessly to a tablet or smartphone, providing pilots the capability of making phone calls and streaming music or other audio, and receiving alerts on their devices.

The audio panel incorporates Garmin’s 3-D audio processing, which makes sounds in the headsets appear to come from different directions, and Telligence Voice Command, allowing the pilot to activate features by voice commands rather than pushing buttons. Customers are also likely to enjoy the enhanced auto squelch feature.

The GMA 350c also incorporates with Garmin’s latest video cameras, VIRB X and XE, which connect wirelessly to enable audio recording directly from the audio panel.

The new audio panel comes in two additional versions, both incorporating the features of the GMA 350c. The GMA 35c has a remote audio processor that integrates with Garmin’s GTN 750 navigator. There is also a helicopter version, the GMA 350Hc, which adds night vision compatibility and support for a third COMM.

All three boxes are expected to be available in the third quarter of this year for a price tag of $2,295.

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