Dassault’s CVS Fuses Real and Synthetic Imagery

Dassault Aviation on Monday introduced the first head-up display (HUD) system to combine synthetic and real-life infrared views, dubbed FalconEye.

The new combined vision system (CVS) pairs thermal and low-light cameras with synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping to provide situational awareness and increased capabilities, as well as permit approaches with operational credit.

"What makes this truly revolutionary is the unique and patented way in which we blend real video of the outside world in low-light conditions with synthetic terrain imagery, a first in the business jets industry," said Olivier Villa, Dassault's senior vice president of civil aircraft.

Presented at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, the FalconEye is on display on a Falcon 2000LXS — a production model that will be delivered soon after.

Dassault's chairman and CEO Eric Trappier says FalconEye will be available in early 2016. Dual HUDs will also be a future option for customers.


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