Avidyne Announces Premium ADS-B Package

Major rebate offered on IFD550/Lynx NGT-9000 combination.

Avidyne is helping customers who are using the mandated transition to ADS-B to also make upgrades their instrument panels. The company announced last week a promotional program that gives customers a $2,500 rebate when combining Avidyne’s IFD550 navigator with L-3’s NGT-9000 Lynx complete ADS-B package. L-3 is also including a free Lynx ADS-B Traffic Advisory System (ATAS) upgrade, which brings the total savings up to $3,167.

ATAS provides aural alerts to the pilot, providing range, bearing and relative attitude of aircraft that could pose a threat. In addition to being displayed on the Lynx touch screen, the traffic targets also show up on the IFD550. The Lynx provides 1090 MHz ADS-B Out and dual-band ADS-B In and has a built in WAAS GPS. TFRs, winds and temperatures aloft and radar imagery are also included by scrolling through the pages on the Lynx display.

In addition to navigation capabilities, the IFD550 provides SBAS/LPV precision, allowing pilots to fly precision RNAV approaches. The unit slips right in to the slot of some legacy navigators, minimizing installation costs. In addition to the touchscreen, the IFD550 can be manipulated with buttons and knobs, making it easier to make changes in turbulent conditions.

The IFD550 retails for $21,990 while the Lynx NGT-9000 costs $6,170. The promotion is available through Avidyne’s dealer network and will run until September 28.


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