What to Pack If You’re Camping at EAA AirVenture

Longtime campers share what’s in their go-bags.
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Camping at EAA AirVenture Is Like Living in an ‘Aviation Bubble’

Longtime campers share their experiences and tips for getting the most out of aviation's biggest campout.
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How To Make a Living as a Hot Air Balloon Pilot

With a commercial lighter-than-air certificate, balloonists can turn their passion into extra cash. Add business savvy and a corporate contract or two, and ...
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Gallery: Up Up and Away Balloon Festival

Come along to the opening morning of the Florida's largest balloon festival.
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Women in Aviation Advisory Board Gives the FAA ‘A Flight Plan for the Future’

The plan calls for a systems approach to remove a web of barriers for women in aviation.
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Founders of Sisters of the Skies Share a Colorful Vision of Aviation

Scholarship, mentorship, and outreach can help grow the number of Black and Brown women within the industry.
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Building Tomorrow’s Aviation Mechanic Workforce with Women

AWAM works to increase awareness, support—and the number of female A&Ps.
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A City Transformed by Aviation

Once a place to ‘drive through, not to,’ Tavares, Florida, is now a popular destination for seaplane pilots.
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