It’s Not About the Plane

Learning about the B-17 from Kermit Weeks.
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Flying Lessons: Forgotten Adventure in Real Time

A historian unearths the lost stories of Poland's World War II fighter pilots.
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Flying Lessons: When Cheetahs Were Fast

A look back at the once revolutionary aircraft.
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Flying Lessons: Connor and Lane’s Big Adventure

Lane takes a cross-country flight from LA to Boston.
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Flight School: Age Limits for Flying

How young or old is too young or old to learn how to fly?
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Flying Lessons: In Praise of Old Spam Cans

Spam cans may not be the coolest status symbols on the block but they're affordable, practical, and functional.
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Flight School: Becoming a Good Pilot

Does everyone have the potential to be a good pilot?
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Barnstorming – The Movie

Two friends prove that barnstorming is not dead, and that farmers and pilots can still be friends.
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Flight School: Judgment

Can a flight instructor teach judgment?
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Flight School: Changing Instructors

When is it time to change flight instructors?
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