USAF Grounds Entire B-2 Bomber Fleet

Air Force officials are inspecting the entire fleet after a B-2 made a hard landing at Whiteman Air Force Base earlier this month.
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Governor’s Veto Halts ‘Stop the Chop’ Bill in New York

The state legislation would have made it easier to sue New York tourist helicopter operators and their employees.
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Gulfstream G650 Makes Demo Flight Fueled Entirely On SAF

The flight demonstrated that Rolls-Royce engines can operate on 100 percent SAF as a "drop-in" option, the manufacturer said.
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Germany Set to Buy 35 F-35 Fighters

The aircraft will replace Germany's aging fleet of Panavia Tornado fighters, according to officials.
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Pilot Ejects from F-35B Fighter After Hard Landing

A video of the incident showed the fighter hovering before landing, bouncing, then tipping over on its nose before the pilot ejected.
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Pilatus Makes Last Porter PC-6 Delivery

The final turboprop model marks an end of an era for one of the longest production runs in aviation.
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B-2 Spirit Catches Fire After Emergency Landing

An investigation is underway after a B-2 bomber made a hard landing at Whiteman Air Force Base.
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China Eastern Airlines Takes Delivery of First C919 Aircraft

China's Comac C919 aircraft obtained CAAC certification in October.
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U.S. Army Chooses Bell V-280 for Black Hawk Replacement

Bell is expected to deliver prototypes to the Army in 2025, with the tiltrotor aircraft entering the fleet within five years.
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Embraer Unveils Plans for Hybrid Electric, Hydrogen Electric Aircraft

The aircraft maker revealed the two aircraft concepts as part of its bid to attain net-zero emissions by 2050.
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