The Emotional, Philosophical Journey to a Pilot Proficiency Check

A pilot en route to his 61.58 recurrent training ride finds a good excuse to fly long distance.
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The Famous, Infamous Teterboro

They write songs about it. Pilots complain about it. If you’re going to the Big Apple, you will find yourself there, sooner or ...
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Flying the Special Olympics Airlift

Precise planning and coordination make for an impressive aerial ballet.
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Finding A New Airport Home

After 38 years flying out of Tampa International Airport, Dick Karl navigates moving operations to a new hangar.
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Flying ‘Way Up There’

High-altitude flying has its perks.
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Nothing Beats Reuniting With Old Pilot Friends

A destination wedding provides a chance to reconnect with people with shared experiences.
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Where to Go In an Airplane?

Favorite destinations are a fun topic, but one size does not fit all.
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A Pilot in Love with His ‘Chevy’

His Cessna Citation CJ1 wasn’t his first love affair with an airplane, but the pilot still celebrates the classic jet on Valentine’s Day.
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50-Plus Years of Flying Forgetfulness

'Challenge, verify, respond' is the standard operating procedure to combat pilot complacency, but don't forget to double-check your muscle memory.
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In the Aircraft and in Life, Flow Is Essential

Everyday process and procedure takes on added meaning, purpose, and for this pilot, pleasure.
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