To Fly Is To Learn—Every Time

A seemingly easy flight from Charlottesville to Tampa proves that there’s no such thing as an easy flight.
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Replicating Reality

Discover the immersive technology behind the FlightSafety simulator programs.
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Gear Up: Maintenance Masters in the Hangar

Pilots without them are just pedestrians with sunglasses and cool jackets.
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Gear Up: Flying Into Canada in the Age of COVID-19

Dick Karl had to go to Hamilton, Ontario, for a meeting recently. Turns out, he had no idea what he was signing up ...
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Be Prepared, Not Just Proficient

FlightSafety International’s training program enhances pilot readiness.
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Tripping the Light Fantastic

One man’s review of the high life in aviation
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Cobwebs from the Coronavirus

Flying after the pandemic’s restrictions on the ground and in the air
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Flying a CJ1 from Coast to Coast

A dream half a century in the making comes true for this Citation pilot.
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Sudden Surprise Trouble with a Medical Certificate

What the FAA taketh away, it giveth back.
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That First Flight

Do you remember the day you started flying?
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