Inspiring the Next Generation

A young aviator embarks on a mission to inspire underserved communities to embrace STEM careers.
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Defense Spending Bill Set To Repeal FAA LODA Policy for Flight Training in Experimental Aircraft

Language in the bill eliminates the requirement for pilots and instructors.
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Fly a DC-3, or ‘Spruce Goose’ in the New Microsoft Flight Simulator

The tech giant's latest version takes advantage of gaming technology with scenery that may rival that of commercial flight simulators.
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Liftoff: NASA’s Artemis I Launches Into Space, History

The Artemis I mission to the moon launches a new chapter in human lunar exploration.
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Hurricane Nicole Prompts NASA To Delay Artemis Launch

NASA is now aiming to launch Artemis November 16.
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Most UFOs Are Not Out of This World, U.S. Officials Say

The feds are making their case that many UFOs are human-made phenomena, according to a new report.
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NASA Optimistic About Upcoming Artemis Launch

After scrubbing scheduled launch attempts following two rounds of mechanical issues and a hurricane, the space agency is ready for another try.
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Most Aviation Businesses Aren’t Worried About a Recession, for Now

Despite forecasts of a recession in the coming year, segments of the aviation industry are keeping a positive outlook.
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Cuban Pilot Flies Soviet An-2 Biplane to Florida

A Cuban agricultural pilot has been accused of air piracy by the island country's aviation officials after he flew the single-engine biplane to ...
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NASA Names Research Group to Study UFOs and UAPs

Are sightings of unidentified aerial objects evidence of extraterrestrial life? That’s what the government intends to find out.
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