AOPA Updates Its Brand for a New Era

75-year-old pilot organization’s new look AOPA

If you visit the AOPA website you'll notice a brand new logo that looks pretty sweet, but which actually tells a much bigger story for the 75-year-old pilot organization. AOPA says it is reinventing itself as it seeks to make aviation more approachable for a broader number of pilots and nonpilots alike through new outreach initiatives.

The logo change is a small step that is coinciding with some very big changes that actually have been taking place at AOPA for the last couple of years and will continue in the weeks and months ahead, the association says.

Some of those changes you've probably noticed already, such as AOPA's efforts to help spur the creation of flying clubs, get rusty pilots back in the cockpit and host regional fly-in events that more pilots can attend.

More changes, AOPA promises, are right around the corner.

"It's important for an organization like AOPA not to stagnate," said association president Mark Baker. "The world we fly in is changing and we need to stay ahead of that change. Much of what we're doing today, and what we're planning for the future, revolves around creating an environment that gives people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy aviation and all it has to offer."

Baker says he wants the AOPA brand to reflect this forward-looking approach by "fostering a sense of optimism and pride in belonging to the greatest pilot community in the world."

In a conference call with aviation media outlets yesterday, senior AOPA leaders explained the changes to the brand, saying the association will reach out to consumers of motorcycles, boats, cars and other gasoline-driven pursuits to entice them to give flying a try, as well as young people new to aviation.


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