AirVenture 2018 to Highlight WWI Era

Restored DH4 Liberty will be a centerpiece of the display paying homage to pioneering aviation in the Great War.

With only 112 days left until opening day at this year’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, the EAA just released details of a special tribute coming up focused on both the warbirds and the pilots of an often-overlooked time in history, 1918, the final year of the “War to End All Wars.”

EAA said, “This year’s World War I commemoration activities will take place throughout the week, with a special emphasis on Friday, July 27.” Programming will be primarily based in the AirVenture vintage aircraft parking area along the flight line where display aircraft will also commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force.

In addition to the aircraft, there will be World War I re-enactors and static engine runs, along with WWI aircraft owners and historians participating in forums throughout the week. Aircraft from aviator Kermit Weeks collection will be there, as well as a rare 1915 Bleriot replica in Royal Flying Corps markings.

A special treat will be the first display of a newly restored DH4 Liberty biplane being reconstructed by EAA members and high school students in Tennessee. The DH4 is believed to be the only flying example of the Liberty aircraft.

“Our entire DH-4 Liberty team is looking forward to honoring the memory of all those brave young lads that climbed into the cockpits of those early airplanes to defend liberty in the skies above Europe a century ago,” said restoration team leader Dorian Walker.


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